Employment and employability of youth in the country


The panel discussion on topic:

The Ambassador Kate Byrnes noted:

????The panel discussion on topic: "Employment and employability of youth in the country" rose the interest of the Ambassador of the United States in N. Macedonia, H.E. Kate Marie Byrnes for a visit in Tetovo.

Panelists in the discussion are important personalities in the decision-making in our country: Mayor of Tetovo - Teuta Arifi, Rector of the SEE University - Abdylmenaf Bexheti and Director of the Agency for Employment - Abdush Demiri.

????The Ambassador Kate Byrnes noted: "I thank the ILPP for the meaningful impact in the society. The ILPP is a change agent as a platform for helping youth find their voice."

- Truthfully so, thank you Mrs.Ambassador. We remain committed to doing our best as a power of change in the society.

The panel discussion is an activity, part of the project "WomEntrepreneurship, IT and Engineering at their strongest", supported by the Embassy of the United States of America ???????? in North Macedonia ????????


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