First Online Career Fair in the Region!


Bringing women and girls closer to the labor market!

We are very proud to be the first within our country to bring such an innovative and needed approach. The situation with the pandemic has created enormous new possibilities, and it is time for everyone to think differently.

Our aim is to bring girls and women close to the labor market, and we have an innovative approach to do so. During the past month a pool of experts and our team members have been working hard to provide the very first virtual platform that will host the Online Career Fair.
If you want to collaborate or know more about the platform stay tuned, because new information is on the way!
We work for a labor market that is equal and accessible for everyone!
"WomEntrepreneurship: IT and Engineering at their strongest" is a project supported by the U.S. Embassy North Macedonia. The project aims at encouraging young women to break barriers and reach their full potential whether as entrepreneurs or leading high job-positions in the labor market.

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