Always active youth even in challenging times

This project aimed motivating young people to become more active and acquire new skills and knowledge during the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, through using pre-existing youth platforms and social media. Through the project it will be produced materials and podcast that will help young people grow intellectually, and create more healthy habits they could use even after the pandemic, but in particular at these times.

In July 2020, during a very hard time for the world and for our society as well, with the support of the British Embassy in Skopje, the Institute for Leadership and Public Policy started the implementation of the project “Always active youth even in challenging times”.
The lock-down was a hard and very stressful period for everybody, but somehow the youth were mostly left aside and nobody was addressing their needs. With the aim to activate the young people both intellectually and physically we developed this project which not will only stimulate youngster ’s intellect, but will also help them get entertained, learn new skills, exercise from home and take good care of themselves.
The project included activities as:
·         Production of podcasts
·         Development of four online trainings
·         Essay competition with young people
·         Online exhibition for young artists to promote their quarantine art
·         Online musical concert with local bands and artists
·         Online debate and forums to discuss about youth problems
·         Production of videos with nutrition advice
·         Production of videos with fitness workouts that can be done at home
·         Production of videos for mental-health care
·         Conducted a research to identify the needs of young people
·         Developed a brochure with project results and research results 

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