First Generation of the School of Leadership

Experience from the first generation of the School of Leadership:

The first generation of the School of Leadership, Public Speaking and Debate, started in April 2017. During the admission phase, the staff received more than 200 applications coming from young professionals who were eager to engage in this new experience and set their way to leadership. On April 29th, 2017 together with 40 selected applicants, we began our journey to leadership, a road we are walking even today with more enthusiastic young people.
Lectures during the first generation!
Who were the lecturers:
Adi Krasta – is the model of the contemporary Albanian journalist and one of the most loved moderators from the Albanian people. He is the moderator of five editions of the Festivali i Këngës in the Albanian Radio Television. A longtime collaborator of the worldwide media service BBC. Known for his extraordinary moderating style, his name represents a brand of a real professional for decades.
Grida Duma – is the extraordinary example of a leader. She is the personification of the Albanian woman who can overpass successfully in a lot of challenging fields, contrary to what stereotypes in our social prejudice about the role of a woman. Candidate for leading the Municipality of Durrës, director of the PR inside the political party she represents, lecturer in prestigious academic institutions, these are just some of the roles that have seasoned her iron figure, and still – a sweet and modest person.
Sonila Kapidani – has an artistic soul. She and her figure reflect the art and the uniqueness of it. She started her road with the piano, to continue this marathon later with film directing – especially related to what she holds most dear – teaching. Kapidani, gives her immense contribution to education because she thinks if the new generations will get educated toward arts since their childhood, they wouldn’t commit the same mistakes that youngsters do nowadays. She is a unique professional in the field of public speaking not only in Albania but even outside the borders.
Rosela Gjylbegu – is the perfect synchronization between artistic and professional. Even if she is a well know name on the Albanian music world, with the same dedication and professionalism she followed her expertise in the field of social sciences and public relations. Since 2009 Rosela works in the Parliament of Albania, in the Department of Public Relations. From her story, you can understand that success is achievable, not only in one field but even more at the same time.
Naser Selmani – not by coincidence he is the representative of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia, an association which aims to represent all journalists. He has a front-forward and honest soul, even if that is not very convenient to some people, he continues strongly to support the right decisions. His expertise in journalism and long experience in the civil sector encouraged his engagement as an analyst and critic of the different phenomena that our community is facing. If there is a figure who has a great sense of critical thinking and defending that opinion publicly, then for sure that is Naser.
Sefer Tahiri – is a well-known Albanian professor, which leaves marks on the area of journalism in Macedonia but not only. His expertise in the area of communications is also reflected as a scientific collaborator in the Sector of intercultural, historic and language relations between Albanians and Macedonians with other nations of the region; director of postgraduation studies of the Institute for Spiritual and Cultural Inheritance in Skopje. His contribution also is shown in different projects, also as an instructor of critical thinking.
Pranvera Kasami – she started her professional journey in the civil sector in her early years facing challenges and welcoming all the opportunities that were offered. A lawyer, which even after successfully passing the bar exam, insisted to challenge herself with two new master programs in Political sciences and Project Management. She is known for her expertise in communication and public relations, serving in this field as a consultant in the civil and commercial sector; field in which her input has been acknowledged by Chartered Institute of PR and London School of PR, where she graduated in programs equivalent to masters. She has manifested excellent skills in the field of diplomatic and international relations, being guest of American Congress in many important high elite gatherings.
And many more diplomats and public figures who visited us as guest lecturers or friends of the School of Leadership.
To celebrate the knowledge in practice, the participants, lead by the trainers had to conduct two mini-projects, where everyone would play a significant role and experience leadership-in-deed. These are the results of the three mini-projects.
Youth Engagement in Politics
This project was ideated by one of the working groups at the School, the main aim of the project was to engage young people and motivate them to become active in the political life in our country as a way to influence the decision making and raising their voice for issues important to them.
A big number of activities were done within this project: lectures with high school students, round tables with professors and University students, simulations and similar.
Raising awareness about autism
The second group worked on the issue of raising awareness on the public about autism. The group concluded that a lot of citizens have family members and contact with autistic people but only a small percentage knows about this disorder.
Lectures with students of Pedagogy, Psychology, and Sociology.
As a result, the group made leaflets, conducted several workshops with educators, teachers, in the mosques where a mass of people go and, in the city, to educate citizens about it. As a result, they were able to contact a lot of citizens and help them get informed.

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