“WomEntrepreneurship: IT and Engineering at their strongest!

Supported by US Embassy in North Macedonia

During the past period, we have been working hard on our project “WomEntrepreneurship: IT and Engineering at their strongest!” which aims to empower and support young girls to follow their dream careers even in fields “not typical” for women. Also, to help them find better opportunities in the labor market.  We are working with 10 successful women (from different fields) to produce videos, that will serve young girls as a road-map on how to achieve successfully, and how to keep going when all the odds are against you.  During the month of December, we conducted two academies. The EngeWomen Academy, with girls – professional in the fields of engineering was held in the University of Tetovo, while at the same time in South East European University the CodeGirl Academy took place. Altogether more than 43 young professional girls had the opportunity to strengthen their skills and knowledge in these fields.  

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