For YOUth who take the destiny in your hands - LEAD Hub

The new project partnership with the U.S. Embassy in North Macedonia is about youth - building them up to be competitive in the labor market, as well as opening a new world towards entrepreneurship. We are thrilled for the opportunities to push them forward in the best way to pursue their bright future

At the beginning of March 2021, The Agency for Labor published the yearly statistics of unemployment in the country. The numbers showed that Tetovo is the city with the highest rate of unemployment. Yet, paradoxical to this, private employers complain that most of them are searching for qualified employers and there is a lack in the labor market.
Through a project titled “WomEntrepreneurship: IT and Engineering at their strongest!” supported by the US Embassy in Skopje, last year we worked with over 50 young women in building their soft skills capacities, in order to enable them better access to the labor market. Through the project directly were motivated 60 girl seniors from secondary schools, to follow fields such as IT and Engineering, due to the interest of the other youngsters. Within the same project is being organized the first of its kind in the region Online Career Fair to bring closer young professionals (+670 young people attended) and employing organizations (+50 attended).
In order to amplify the achieved results, we have created a follow-up project “For YOUth who take the destiny in your hands - LEAD Hub”, supported by the US Embassy in Skopje.
The project contributes to raising awareness for better cooperation between sectors, as well as decreasing the level of unemployment, collective depression, migration, and brain drain.

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