For YOUth who take the destiny in your hands!

This ten-month long project aims to establish cooperation between different business sectors while reducing the unemployment rate in North Macedonia.

At the beginning, the project’s goal is to identify the needs and gaps in the labor market, so that afterwards we will be able to design appropriate approaches in training youth and making them even more competitive in the labor market. 
Moreover, the project will consist of several activities and has the following goals:

•Inform, teach and train the youth of North Macedonia about employment opportunities.
•Foster dialogue and cooperation with business sectors, in order to identify their needs and gain their support for youth employment.
•Organize a leadership training for 30 participants, which will strengthen their soft skills to enable them to become community leaders and entrepreneurs.
•Support and encourage business and entrepreneurial initiatieves from the youth.
•Provide a space for the youth, where they will develop their business ideas and be supported by experts.
•Initiate LEAD-Hub activities

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