History of ILPP

From day one of acting in the civil society sector, our motto was -the actions, are our words- we prove how dedicated we are to the society, serving the progress and their advancement, through finding solutions and implementing activities with the highest level of trust and credibility and through the best of professionals, by expanding our network of excelling people in different fields of the society. At a time when the general atmosphere in the country was kind of “hard to breath in”, starting as an informal group, we decided that we cannot cross our arms and wait for the situation to improve, instead, we are going to build initiatives, based on what the society needs and based on our strongest belief that there are people in our society who work hard for the things to change for good and we are among them. Together we will join powers in making things work and bringing the difference. We believe, there are so many things that needs improvements in our society, but it is all possible. Hence, we asked for help from people of values and people of changes, because we believe in partnerships built on trust and good values, everyone answered with enthusiasm and joined us, so we built a team, an alliance! We made a call for the young leaders in our society. With no support, we managed to organize among the first training focused on leadership and public speaking in our society. Young people from the political parties, universities, institutions, applied- furthermore, even from our neighboring countries, because the citizen, can see end notice, what is of a value and in such cases, they will join with no hesitation. Creation and implementation of projects, which came from what was considered as most immediate need, were implemented by the young leaders themselves. Leaders make the changes, by proving through actions and cultivating best practices. Every project and activity, was informed before even starting, thorough a research we were conducting for the relevant actions. The perception of the ILPP in our society, and rightly so, it is as an organization which brings changes and has the spirit of the improvement through the power of trust-worthy alliances and coalitions and by building strong networks of relevant people and profiles who believe in the change for the good and the society progression, by taking their stake in bringing the change.


Equipping and preparing the public servants and public beneficiaries or citizens, either coming from the academia or from the business sector, with required tools, through providing trustworthy reliable data, to training and development and other world-trending approaches; in close cooperation with national, regional and international partners.


Being a leader organization in the country and the region, to catalyze the advancement of efforts in improving social, economical and political development. Providing trustworthy analyses and research related to the national and international public policies. Leading a trademark position on providing professional activities and training, through regional and world well-known experts to contribute in the filling of the gaps to the emerging needs of academia and the business sector.


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