Public Policy:

Public policy refers to the rules, regulations, and guidelines formulated by governments for the purpose of solving problems that have an impact on society and the general public. Through our initiatives, we aim to conduct public policy projects, activities, and analysis, which involves evaluating issues of public importance with the objective of providing facts and statistics about the extent and impact of the various policies of the government. The basic objective of public policy analysis is to assess the degree to which the policies are meeting their goals. Public policy analysis deals with the application of social science theories and methods to analyze matters of public importance. We do not aim only for detecting problems, but rather to create and specialize in problem-solving. We want to address society’s most urgent issues involving crimes, education, healthcare, and reforms in the administration. We will contribute to defining a problem that is understated or not clearly understood by policymakers and help the citizens understand properly their rights and obligations as citizens, as well as advocate for the benefit of the citizens.

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