ILPP’s one of the main pillar of work is to conduct extensive and in-depth research on matters related economic, social and political standards and development. We study public policies and all topic of interest with a dedicated, objective and unbiased approach, striving through our research to initiate policy changes and raise awareness and create space for more active citizens who are ready to debate on various topics in order to achieve a more prosperous future. ILPP produces research documents in various fields, with highly known and respected collaborators, who are engaged on all phases of research. Among other things what makes us stand out from the rest is the fact that our research tends towards innovative policy solution and ideas that are responsive to today’s global emerging needs. We are open to partner with reliable partners from the academia, civil and the business sector, either to conduct in common the certain research work, or to work on our partner’s needs for reliable and trustworthy researching results. Proudly independent, we conduct research, analysis and policy development that aims to open up opportunities, create pathways and suggestions for power and prosperity for everyone!

Our topics include but are not limited to:

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