Second Generation of the School of Leadership

Experience from the second generation of the School of Leadership:

After the success of the first generation, there was a huge interest for another generation of the School of Leadership. Motivated by all the people who were asking for repetition and the huge number of applications gathered in the first generation, the board of the school decided for another generation with brand new lecturers. The call for applications was opened in October 2018. More than 100 applications were admitted this year. As the venue in South East European University was limited to 35, we selected only 35 applicants.
Who were the lecturers:
Delina Fico – In the last twenty-two years, she has worked as a manager, expert, consultant and board member of many associations, agencies, national, local and international organizations. She has been involved with institutions that focus on civil society and community development, gender equality and strengthening institutional capacities, in Central and East Europe, Central Asia and the USA. Her experiences include working in the East West Management Institute, Inc., World Learning for International Development, Chemonics, UN Women, the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, Network of East-West Women, Foundation Soros in Albania and Kosovo, and the Open Society Institute in New York.
Sonila Meco – A journalist and a well-known public figure for more than 17 years, Sonila was editor and moderator of various prime-time TV programs. Known for her arguments and opinions as an analyst of the political situation in various programs. She is also a university professor for journalism and public speaking.
Nazim Rashidi – There is no one in Macedonia who does not know Nazim Rashidi. He is a well renowned moderator and editor in chief. Most of the people know him for his TV Program “200” where guests talk about controversial issues and debate different topics. He is a maestro of the spoken word, and an example to be taken regarding argumentation. He is also active in social life. Nazim, brings enthusiasm, hope and extended experience to our group.
Amanda Moore – For over a decade, Amanda has had the privilege of working on global initiatives of peace, mentoring, and leadership development. From hosting international gatherings to supporting mentoring programs to working with her nation’s leadership to convene influencers and global leaders, Amanda operates out of the belief that there is power in a small group of friends making a commitment to the world’s most pressing issues. Amanda believes that care for the world starts with friendship and that before tackling peace on earth, one must tackle peace within. From 2011-2016, Amanda joined the team at RENEW Strategies. RENEW is an impact investment and advisory firm that facilitates private investments in businesses in Africa. Presently, Amanda continues to work alongside influencers and leaders as a mentor and coach, seeking to inspire a more peaceful and prosperous global family.
Pranvera Kasami – Pranvera started her professional journey in the civil sector facing challenges and welcoming all the opportunities that were offered. A lawyer, which even after successfully passing the bar exam, insisted to challenge herself with two new master programs in Political Sciences and Project Management. She is known for her expertise in communication and public relations, serving in this field as a consultant in the civil and commercial sector in which her input has been acknowledged by Chartered Institute of PR and London School of PR, where she graduated in programs equivalent to masters. She has excellent skills in the field of diplomatic and international relations, being guest of American Congress in numerous important high elite gatherings.
Participants had the opportunity to learn on three topics by the experts: Leadership, Public Speaking, and Debate. Also, the School was visited by guest lecturers and friends of our School. To celebrate the knowledge in practice, the participants, led by the trainers conducted two mini-projects, where everyone would play a significant role and experience leadership-in-deed. These are the results of the three mini-projects.
Raising Awareness about Bullying
Led by the idea that bullying is a huge problem among young people– our leaders decided to contribute to the cause by educating those, where bullying starts inititally. Within this project, the participants created a sensibilization video-material, and also conducted training in different locations: Skopje, Tetovo, Poroj and Kumanovo. Pupils from second and third grade had the opportunity to get informed about the ways to prevent bullying and made an agreement to fight against it together!
Youth Brain-Drain in North Macedonia
Within this project, participants conducted several activities which aimed to understand why young people are leaving Macedonia and develop methods on how to stop this phenomenon. A survey with more than 500 youngsters was conducted to discover the core of the problem. Results which are elaborated and made present by the people conducting the project.

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