Western Values Aligned with Western Economic Partnerships in North Macedonia


New ILPP project in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Skopje.

This project will delve into the reality of Chinese economic, political, and cultural influence present in North Macedonia.

U.S. Embassy in Skopje is supporting this project to decrease interest of North Macedonia’s businesses with China to redirect the economic and political interests for partnerships with the EU countries instead.

The goal of the "Western Values Aligned with Western Economic Partnerships in North Macedonia" project is to raise awareness about the dangers of the malign political and economic influence from China, and promote economic and political relationships with EU countries.

The ILPP is raising awareness on Chinese economic influence in North Macedonia, and how Chinese political and economic presence threatens future EU ascension prospects. This project will emphasize the importance of doing business with Western oriented countries through gathering business, academia, and think-tank communities to discuss threat of Chinese malign influence and the road to EU integrations.

Project will include a social media campaign for enhancing the importance of this topic in addition to a published report on China's current political and economic influence in the country. Panel discussions and conferences with relevant stakeholders will further publicize this topic and ensure proper attention to Chinese influence in North Macedonia as a pressing issue.

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